Entertainment Supply & Technologies

Dixie Misemer, Customer Service Manager

To say Dixie manages ES&T customer service is offering her skill set a disservice.  Mrs. Misemer has been the rock of the sales department since its inception, and has carried out every customer service task that exists in the span of her twenty year career.  She’s supervised order entry, served as an administrative assistant, managed the office, managed new cinema projects, coordinated logistics, hired employees, fired employees and disciplined employees (Mr. Bailey, mostly).

While she can handle all of the above with poise and grace on any given day, her main focus is assisting our clients with their new project shipments, supply requests and overseeing all order processing.  If you can ask it, she can answer it, and if you need it, she will find it.  Mrs. Misemer claims to truly love coming to work every day. Whether or not the former is true, it’s clear to everyone here that she puts her customer’s happiness above all else.