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Coronovirus pandemic: We’re here for you

TAMPA, FLORIDA (March 18th, 2020) This week the cinema industry experienced unprecedented and devastating closures due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.  Not only are doors locked and screens dark at theatres across the country and the world, Hollywood studios have delayed some of the year’s most anticipated titles, and will send current and some scheduled releases straight to streaming.

In this perfect storm of uncertainty, we are here for you.

While our corporate office remains open in Tampa, Florida, our sales and technical teams will now work remotely whenever possible in an effort to protect our employees and their families.  New protocols are in place to ensure not just the health and safety of our employees, but also the supply partners we interact with on the job site. ES&T is carefully completing construction already underway, while following closely the recommendations of each theatre’s local government authorities.

ES&T continues to nurture our supply relationships and maintain all operations and logistics.  We have received notice from all of our technology partners that their manufacturing remains strong at this time, and we are available for any and all maintenance services.

We are working continuously with our janitorial and operational supply lines to maintain access to any availability of cleaning and sanitation supplies.

Have no fear.

The pandemic will end. Life as we knew it will return. And we will be here to help you dust off your projectors, ready your kitchens and concessions, and prepare your theatre so you can welcome your guests happily and safely back in their seats.

We send our heartfelt support to those infected with the virus, as well as the healthcare professionals on the front lines of the effort to defeat it. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any reason whatsoever, we’re all in this together.

And as always, we’re happy to help. Every. Single. Time.

Stay safe + be well,
Team ES&T

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