Entertainment Supply & Technologies

Screen Systems & Draperies

The big screen is the main event of the cinema experience, and the latest technology allows for an even bigger experience with  new large format applications.  Whether you need a traditional screen, are looking for a large format presentation or provide IMAX events for you audience, ES&T can supply one of the above, or all three.  Our team of engineers and installation technicians will provide a custom experience for you every step of the way, so you can give your guests a show-stopping display at every single showing.

Screen Systems

Prior to installation, we’ll review your venue’s drawings and conduct a field check to verify correct measurements.  Our engineering team can then recommend screen size and any potential immersive sound applications for your auditorium or screening space.  Complete your front-end in style with custom draperies designed for acoustical perfection and an upscale finish.

  • Custom drawings review
  • Large format, 3D (IMAX certified) & Standard Front-end Systems: custom specifications and installation

Wall Draperies

They may be the finishing touch, but wall draperies are an essential element in auditorium design. Our design and installation teams will ensure our front end services exceeds your expectations, right down to the last drapery.

  • Design: material and color selection
  • Installation: custom installation & project management