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Food Service Consulting

With the explosion of upscale cinemas, moviegoers now expect and demand artisan menus and stellar service from dine-in venues.  ES&T offers food service and hospitality consulting and auditing services, with an in-house consultant who has worked every station in the kitchen, and every position in the front-of-the-house.

After we outfit your venue with the best systems and finishes available, let us help you create superior service operations to rival those of award-winning restaurants.  We’ll even provide follow-up visits to ensure the level of service you desire is sustained.  It would be our pleasure!

Food Service

Keep your food cost low, your profit margin climbing and your team out of the weeds by streamlining your kitchen operations.  As a fly on the wall our consultant will evaluate not only areas of improvement, but more importantly, what your team is doing right.  After setting goals tailored for your venue, we’ll work with your kitchen staff to help them refine their techniques and fine-tune their flow-of-service.

  • Food cost auditing
  • Menu consistency (portion control and food waste awareness)
  • Timeliness & sense of urgency implementation
  • Allergy & food safety awareness


Arm your team with priceless knowledge to ensure the best service possible for your dine-in cinema guests. They may be at the movies, but make them feel like they’re at a 5-star restaurant.

  • Service timeliness
  • Proper service & order of service training
  • Staff responsiveness
  • Problem solving & guest communications
  • Allergy awareness
  • BOH and FOH Communications

Menu Development

Give your guests a double-feature with a show-stopping menu.   Satisfy discerning palates with chef-inspired offerings and hand-crafted cocktails. Our consultants will help you refine recipes and processes to ensure consistency and elevate the level of your offerings.

  • Cost-effective menu planning
  • Ingredient sourcing assistance
  • Custom cocktail creation with a certified sommelier & mixology specialist
  • Recipe testing conducted in your kitchen to eliminate equipment variance issues