Entertainment Supply & Technologies


Our in-house drafting experts can assist you with creating a beautiful and functional space that is well-equipped for operational success, and more importantly, proves inviting and convivial for your guests.   We offer specialized support every step of the way – from concept to reveal.

Auditorium & Front End

Our technicians and cinema engineers can offer the best insight in the industry.   Send us your architectural drawings, and we’ll send you a recommended layout and equipment proposal.  If necessary, our team will visit your venue prior to securing the contract to be sure our plans align with your space and preferences.

Once the project is underway, we’ll conduct multiple site visits and revisions until the design exceeds your expectations.   ES&T will handle the sourcing and installation of all equipment, fixtures and finishes, and will handle daily project management, if requested.

From the sound system to eye-catching finishes, we’ll help you design every end of the venue to create an ultimate entertainment experience for your guests.

Commercial Bar & Kitchen 

We pride ourselves on sourcing cutting-edge tools and equipment to keep your operation up to code and your menu offerings above par.  Our team can assist yours with everything from equipment layout to ladle selection.

If you are opening a dine-in theatre or serve chef-driven cuisine, our hospitality and food service team can provide menu consulting as well as operational and customer service auditing.  We have an in-house consultant who will lend insight and experience to the challenges of running a food service operation.  Go here to learn more.

Custom Casework 

Our casework specialists will conduct an initial site visit or drawings review, then prepare plans for your project – whether a simple equipment update or a complete renovation.   Every design element will be customized to the concession space and to your tastes.  As with all of our design services, manufacturing will only begin once all elements of the design meet client approval.