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Dine-in cinema continues to push the envelope with the newest venues boasting modern design, elevated service and artisanal menu offerings.   The market demands an upscale experience, and ES&T can help you surpass expectations.

We provide our clients with the latest in dine-in specific technology, custom facilities design and finishes, as well as food service consulting from the members of our team with fine dining experience.   Feel free to use our expertise to create the ultimate food and feature experience for your guests. If we were you, we’d do it, too!

Motorized Recliner Seating

This is the hottest trend in the industry! Let your guests enjoy the food and the show in a chair that provides all the comforts of home with the luxuries of the dine-in experience.

Kitchen & Concessions

From popcorn machines to commercial grade ovens, we’ll design, supply, customize and troubleshoot your food service operation.  Make your concessions and kitchen as ground-breaking and efficient as your front end with the best equipment on the market.

Specialized Point-of-sale Systems

Want to be a fly on the wall in every showing at the same time? Keep track of all your operations with the advanced and fully integrated venue management system CallConnect by Venue Valet.  Designed specifically for dine-in cinema, CallConnect provides a sleek customer call button that can be customized for your auditorium seating.  FullColor_Landscape-e1421259686938

The software is fully-responsive with your point-of-sale system to give you complete perspective and control from any screen in your establishment.  ES&T has partnered with Venue Valet to give our clients access to the most advanced hospitality management solutions available.

We also assist our clients with point-of-sale hardware and software for a variety of applications, including tablet-based systems to reduce guest wait times and streamline service.

Service Auditing & Hospitality Training

When you need a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate your operation – look no further than Entertainment Supply & Technologies. With extensive restaurant and service experience, our consultation team will provide an unbiased and informative review of all elements of your guest services.

With dine-in cinema emerging as a competitive market, we’ll make sure your employees are prepared to engage your customers and serve up a show that demands an encore. We believe that with the right tools and information any food service operation can provide superior service.

To learn more about our hospitality and food service auditing services, head on over here.