Entertainment Supply & Technologies


Short on time?  Read a brief overview of our offerings below, and drop us a line here if you have any questions.  And remember, just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean we don’t do it.


From blue prints to the grand opening, ES&T’s design team will lend their decades of experience to your project – no matter how large or how small.  Our engineers and technicians will evaluate your space and create a customized schematic for your venue.  Our concession casework team will do the same for your food service operations – provide a custom design right down to the location of the very last ladle.

  • Auditorium design
  • LMS/TMS systems
  • Custom seating: standard theatre, stadium or dine-in
  • Projection room design & product installation
  • Full-service bar, kitchen & concession design


If you need it, we’ll find it.  From towel dispensers to salt shakers, our sourcing team’s pride and joy is finding that rare replacement part when you need it the most.  We don’t go home for the day until your supplies are on the way.

  • Janitorial supply (including all major manufacturers)
  • Restaurant & concessions supply (non-foodstuff)
  • Digital projectors & lamps
  • Digital sounds systems
  • Indoor lighting & custom signage
  • Marquee displays


The movies and ES&T go way back – and we use our experience in this dynamic industry to help our customers navigate the digital era of the silver screen.

  • Audio consulting, supply & installation
  • Digital projection
  • Projection booth networking
  • Dine-in cinema design & POS technologies
  • LED Auditorium lighting
  • Automation systems
  • Lobby & box office fixtures
  • Auditorium seating (sourcing, design and installation)
  • General project management
  • Supply & maintenance

Not a theatre?

Not a problem!  We love all our clients the same.  In addition to cinemas, we serve many industries from theme parks to stadiums to churches and schools.  If you have a need for janitorial or restaurant supply, or are a private or non-profit company in need of a projection or sound system, we do that, too.

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