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A side view of a row of dine-in cinema seating designed and installed by ES&T.

Custom & Recliner Cinema Seating

Sit back, relax and let us handle all your cinema seating needs. Our ES&T design team will streamline the entire process of procuring custom seating for your movie theater or entertainment venue. From prototype testing to delivery and installation, we provide cinema seating and recliners that are functional, operationally sound, and most importantly, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

A wide view of leather cinema recliners designed and installed by Entertainment Supply & Technologies.

Cinema, Auditorium & Stadium Seating

Regardless of the brand of theatre or venue you operate, or the type of seating you require, ES&T will provide the best options for your brand and budget. We tailor the design and installation process to the specific needs of each client. And Team ES&T takes pride in making the process easy to understand, seamless, and most importantly, fun!

Our services offer:

  • Custom factory drawings & sample chairs
  • Standard chairs, recliners & dine-in applications
  • Custom color schemes & logo applications
  • Turnkey design & installation 
A wide view looking up at custom cinema seating for a stadium-style auditorium.

Dine-in & Privacy Pod Seating

Cinema recliners with tray tables, personal lighting, and privacy are the new industry standard. Our design engineers begin with an array of standard models that can be tweaked slightly. Or we can start at the very beginning and create a completely custom, branded seat.

Private loveseats, or pods, can be customized with storage, personal lighting, and side tables. For dine-in cinema clients, we can even work with you to coordinate the installation of point-of-sale technology directly into each chair.

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