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New NEC extended warranty program

Peace of mind in your projection.  New or used. Until 2022.

Entertainment Supply & Technologies is delighted to share with you a new extended warranty program from our industry technology partner NEC. In unprecedented fashion, NEC is offering customers the opportunity to buy an extended warranty on used projectors, and those with expired warrantiesThe warranty program provides insurance through the end of 2022.

How the NEC warranty program works

  1. Customer purchases, or already owns, an older NEC DCI Projector that is currently not under a manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. Upon a simple certification process by the manufacturer, customer is cleared to purchase the Extended Warranty 2022.
  3. Once customer purchases the Extended Warranty 2022 the projector is automatically covered through 12/31/2022.
  4. If customer buys a new NEC projector before the expiration of the extended warranty, customer will receive a prorated rebate to be applied toward the cost of the new PJ.

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