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Reopening your movie theatre? We’ve got you covered. Literally.

Entertainment Supply & Technologies is ready to begin taking orders for personal protection equipment, including protective face masks.  If you’d like more information or would like a quote, please send us a note below.

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Which mask is best for my staff + guests?


Masks that can help prevent or lessen the spread of germs from the wearer to others. Cloth masks do not offer much protection against inhaling and/or acquiring infectious particles from others.

Recommended for moviegoers and venue guests.
They are the lowest cost masks, and will help prevent the spread of infectious germs from guests to employees.


Surgical masks are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration to protect against infectious matter in large droplets or splatter. They do not provide sound protection against infectious particles.

Recommended for staff that do not have high risk interactions with guests, and are able to maintain a strong social distance, i.e. staff working in the box office or projection room.

N-95 or N-99

Respirator masks are certified by NIOSH (a division of the CDC) to filter out a specific percentage – 95 or 99 – of particulate matter. These are the most protective masks against infectious disease. 

Respirators are available in single use and reusable styles. Recommended for staff that come into close contact with guests, i.e. ticket takers and dine-in cinema servers and kitchen staff.