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Screens at Marquee Cinemas Southridge 12 shake like a polaroid picture (a good thing)

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA (December 16, 2019)  Skywalker is coming to town, and Marquee Southridge 12 Cinemas is ready. Like saber-in-hand-moving-at-light-speed ready.

To help Marquee Cinemas modernize the Southridge 12 location in West Virginia, Entertainment Supply & Technology teams converted two of the theatre’s auditoriums into the luxury Marquee Extreme Cinema experience complete with Dolby ATMOS immersive sound and the newest in laser projection technology.

















Both auditoriums now feature 4K laser projection as well as brand new screen systems – screen systems that shake like a polaroid picture. Literally.

Labeled a screen shaker system (we know, clever moniker), we recommend all clients entering the laser dimension to install one in order to vibrate the screen during exhibition.  The small vibration eliminates any potential laser distortion – or speckle – which can appear on highly reflective screens.












Now don’t start feeling sorry for the other ten auditoriums here at Southridge 12.  In close collaboration with the teams at Marquee, ES&T replaced every cinema chair in the auditoriums with a brand new luxury Irwin recliner.  Then we adorned every last aisle with Tempo LED lighting, and framed the screens with a halo lighting system to allow for an eye-catching light box effect between showings.  Marquee executives chose to upgrade the concession area with new menu boards, and the finishing touch – which our marketing manager is most excited about – were classy silk plants to increase ambiance in the theatre lobby.  Yes, we do those, too. Every single time (if the client desires).


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